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We are a full service multimedia business specializing in wedding, family, portrait, head-shots, and business development in central Texas.

Every wedding is different and deserves special attention. I specialize in both photography and videography. Capturing a wedding in both is the only way to tell the story properly. Give me a call and we can discuss what you need.

  • Complete Wedding Packages start at $3500.00
  • Engagement Packages start at $600.00
  • Family packages start at $450.00
  • Headshot packages start at $300.00

Email: daltonc71@yahoo.com Phone: 210-872-6238


Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Customer Feedback:

Dalton is AMAZING!

He made me look like a movie star. My biggest regret with Dalton is that I didn't have him film the rehearsal dinner, too. Now that I have your attention, let me elaborate. We spent so much time and put so much work into making our wedding day personal and unique, and Dalton captured every single moment. Something that you may or may not realize, but, as a bride, you're going to plan this event to a T, and you're going to miss the majority of it. The wedding day is almost a complete blur, no matter how much you tell yourself it won't be. A happy and indescribable blur, but still a blur. There are so many details that we didn't get to fully soak in when it came to the actual celebration, and we are so grateful for Dalton, because he captured every moment and then some. He will create a beautiful video to the song(s) of your choosing and you will be able to watch it again and again, reliving your magical day over and over. He will film the details that you didn't have a chance to see because you were too busy hugging your uncle or dancing with your grandma. He will take the time to film your little cousin dancing, and your mother-in-law laughing with your childhood neighbor. He will help you relive your wedding day by capturing the moments that you were in-- when you're smiling at your bridesmaids and putting on that final touch of makeup. My favorite part of these videos are the people in the background. I loved watching our guests in conversation, while dancing, and enjoying the celebration as much as we were.

Without Dalton, I never would have seen the hilarious expression on my cousin's face when the DJ accidentally played the remixed version of the song for the dance with my dad. Dalton grabs all of the details. Get a wedding videographer. Get Dalton. He is worth every penny and more. And the quality, just wow. I'm a photographer and a graphic designer and my bar for quality is set very high. I scoured the internet for months (yes, months) looking for a videographer who met my standards. Dalton came to me by recommendation and after just 2 minutes watching someone else's video, I was sold. He's not your average videographer who makes you stop and smile for the camera. Instead, he shoots the moments when you're looking lovingly at your dad, or making a funny face at your new husband. The candid shots. 

The footage Dalton shoots is all YOU. And it's you at your finest and most beautiful. An extra word of advice--take him up on the RAW footage. Yes, it's an extra cost, but the memories within that footage are priceless, and there are so many!! My mom and I just spent the last 2 hours on the phone pouring over the footage, laughing and oohing and aweing. We will keep these videos forever and my husband and I will be able to enjoy the videos of our friends and families dancing, even long after some of them have passed. I don't think that I can say enough wonderful things about Dalton and his style and his expertise. He is a true professional with a creative eye who has a unique skill for shooting the moments that you will want to watch a re-watch for the rest of your life. If you care at all about the memories from your wedding day, do yourself a favor a snag a date with Dalton. You will not find a more quality videographer or a better guy to work with. These memories will last a lifetime, make sure that the quality is great enough for your great grandkids to enjoy. Dalton-I have a problem with losing flash drives. But this is one flash drive that I will never lose. 

 Thanks for everything, Andrea